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Leanna Sweet is a really hot chick from Hungary and you might have already seen her in some of the movies you have downloaded under one of her other names: Leona, Leana Love of Yasmine. She is 22 years old and she comes from Budapest. Her petite body is more than capable of making most of the men horny and her sexy tits are one of her main weapons for seduction and her long legs are very well known amongst the fans of good European porn movies. This young actress already made a bunch of great movies but there are still lots of things in front of her.

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Date added: 07-14-2015 Rating:
Like 163
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Date added: 07-11-2015 Rating:
Like 115
Dislike 12
Date added: 06-02-2015 Rating:
Like 130
Dislike 13
Date added: 03-19-2009 Rating:
Like 28
Dislike 3
Date added: 03-08-2009 Rating:
Like 152
Dislike 11
Date added: 02-25-2009 Rating:
Like 58
Dislike 5
Date added: 01-27-2009 Rating:
Like 89
Dislike 4
Date added: 12-13-2008 Rating:
Like 35
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Date added: 12-09-2008 Rating:
Like 61
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