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Kiara's First Ever DP
Kiara Lord was lying down on her husband (Thomas Stone) when she heard text message notification. She took her phone and red it, it says that he is waiting for her at the door. She run to open the door for him (Darrel Deeps) wearing nearly nothing but some lingerie showing her lustful curves and hot ass. As soon as she opens she takes him to the living room and starts a blowjob while her husband watches then he quickly joins in for a fun session enjoying to DP his wife.
Much Needed Foot Massage
Lana Roy is sitting on the couch, wearing a sexy short dress revealing her soft legs. She slowly puts lotion on her feet and starts rubbing and massaging them. Raul Costa gets into the scene and he seems to be clearly turned on by the hot brunette. He kisses her feet, toes and then moves to a more sensitive parts of her hot body.
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    Hot Like Summer

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    Unexpected Company

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    Every Step She Takes

  • Kiara's First Anal

    Kiara's First Anal

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    When The Boys Left

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    Treats to My Handyman

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    Seductive Feet

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    Massage House Call

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    Nubile Ballerina

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    Colleague Affairs

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    Beauty & Erotica

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    The Housewife's Guests

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    A Much Better Idea

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    Sexy Mischief

  • Tempting Promises

    Tempting Promises

  • Footsie Wonderland

    Footsie Wonderland

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